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Please use EITHER a Plannning Reference number OR an Address; do not use both
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Using a Planning Reference

Enter all or part of a Planning Reference. When entering part of a reference use an * to replace the unknown section. For example to search for an application submitted in 2005, enter 3/05* in the Planning Reference field and all applications from 2005 will be displayed.

Using a Date Range

To search for applications within a specified date range enter the appropriate dates in the From and To fields. To search for all applications regardless of date leave the date fields blank.

Using the Address field

The Address field can be used to find an application where you know the address, or part of the address, of the property concerned.

If you want to find applications relating to a specific property, it is important to remember to put your text inside inverted commas e.g. "132 Test Street, Hertford". This will ensure that your search finds only applications with that EXACT address. You should, however, check that you have spelt the search text correctly to ensure that you find the correct applications.

If you do not use inverted commas, your search will find every application which has any part of the address. E.g. 132 test Street, Hertford (without inverted commas) will return ALL cases containing 132, ALL cases containing Test, ALL cases containing Street, and ALL cases containing Hertford. Where common words (Street, Road, Avenue etc.) or Town / Village / Area names have been used in a search without inverted commas, the search may find many hundreds, or even thousands, of applications.

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